Medical Negligence

Rising Number of Clinical Negligence Cases

According to the National Health Service’s own legal department, the move by many personal injury compensation companies into clinical negligence work has resulted in an “unprecedented” rise in the number of new cases. In the NHS Litigation Authority’s most recent annual report, figures are revealed which shows that the number of clinical negligence claims in…

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claiming for medical negligence

Medical Negligence Claims in the UK (Updated Guide for 2017)

What is Medical Negligence? Medical negligence covers a wide range of different circumstances, but the one thing they all have in common is that a doctor, dentist or other medical professional didn’t do their job properly, and this caused the patient to suffer some sort of harm. Medical negligence cases are often complex as in…

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An In-Depth Guide to Dental Negligence Claims

Poor quality or negligent dental treatment may not only be very painful, it can leave you in ongoing pain or even worse, permanently disfigured. When we visit the dentist we expect them to treat us professionally and properly, and if this does not happen and you have been left with ongoing issues or have had…

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Guide to Clinical Negligence

When we’re ill, we place our faith in the medical profession to look after us properly and do everything in their power to help us get better as quickly as possible. Most doctors, dentists and other health professionals carry out their duties to the highest standards, but we’ve all heard the horror stories about

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Medical Negligence Claims: A Free Guide

Medical negligence (and also called clinical negligence) claims are the result of improper care or treatment by a medical professional, such as doctors, nurses and dentists, that results in harm to a person. This could include: A doctor prescribing the wrong drugs Mistakes during a surgical procedure causing spinal injury, brain injury or disability Birth…

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